Investing in missions is converting something you can’t hang on to into something eternal. Find out why.

Often times hospitality equates a willingness to be inconvenienced. God gives us the opportunity to make the choice to be hospitable each day.

What does flexibility in missions look like?

No doubt living as a missionary has an affect on children. Listen as one mother who is a part of the Live Dead campaign processes life and living on the field with children.

Everyone can proclaim their faith in Jesus. It’s all about the beauty of Jesus and the joy of salvation. Be excited about your salvation!

There is a direct connection between living dead and scripture. Hear more about how scripture speaks to us and transforms our lives.

We often ask ourselves, “Can I do this?”  Be gracious to yourself and allow God to use your strengths in his own time.  There is no need for “cookie cutter missionaries,” you can be yourself!

Jesus was willing to wash the disciples feet. We know God can use us as a tool to reach people through serving others.

Listen as one of the contributing authors shares. It’s vital that anything we do in our relationship with Jesus Christ that we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. We benefit from learning from God each day.

Live-Dead-Journal-Day-13-Affirmation Ask the Lord who do I need to be affirming today?

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