Dick Brogden – The Will of God

Dick Brogden – The Four Martyrdoms

Dick Brogden – The Marks of Mission

Dick Brogden – Confessions of a God Hater

Arab World shares more about taking the message of Jesus where it’s never been before.

We’re excited to announce that Live Dead is growing! We have a strategy to grow the Live Dead through church planting teams in the Arab World, as well as throughout East Africa. This particular podcast is from Highpoint Church.

Is the Holy Spirit active in our lives today? Is the Holy Spirit real?

Freedom comes from forgiveness and is a real part of our role as Christians.

Church planting teams are a God-inspired concept. Team members fill gaps for one another. Find out more about teams and how you can get involved at www.livedead.org

View God with the perspective of Creator, Savior and Master. View others the way God would have us to view them. He cares and loves them.

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