I gave a student a ride home from class last week. We started talking about God and he reminded me that Jesus cannot be God. This opened the door to discussing the capabilities of God.

“Can God do anything?”
“Yes, He can.”
“Is there anything God cannot do?”
“No. If He wants He can.”
“Is God able to come to Earth as a man?”
“Yes, He can but why would He want?”

What a great question! Why would God want to leave the glory of Heaven to come to Earth? I’m counting this as victory that my friend used what He already knows about God to determine that God could come as man. I look forward to following up with WHY God would choose to do this. What an open door to Jesus as Redeemer!

Please lift up my friend. He knows truth about God’s character. Pray that our conversations can build on that truth and lead to my friend seeing Jesus as God.

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