Swahili Coast: We have been meeting weekly with a group of local women to study the Word and encourage each other in the Way. “Stephanie” and another MBB (for those of you familiar with this term) are a part of this group.

Recently, Stephanie realized she needs to tell her family about her choice to follow Jesus, although she is unsure how and when. She’s nervous because she is unsure about their response. They could kick her out and abandon her—no small thing! Her struggle has challenged another woman to share with her family after hiding her faith for over a decade. Praise God!

We have encouraged these women to be prayerful about the timing and way they will deliver this information. They have also agreed to alert us so we can be fasting and praying with them. Will you also keep them in your prayers as they consider this HUGE stand for Jesus?

Also, please remember us. It’s humbling to walk someone through a decision you’ve never had to make and through circumstances we will never have to face. Our God is great and He is a good Father. He will be with these women as they stand for Him in their families.

Thank you for partnering in prayer with us! We are seeing the lost come to know Him. We know your prayer is making the difference.

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