“Sidi” is from Sahara’s Gate where we serve. He was in the States as a student but our mutual friend was unable to introduce us. So, I emailed Sidi when we were in his country. No response. I tried again a month later. He responded immediately! He had just hooked up internet service that day.

Amazingly, he lives in the same city where we are. I walked only a 100 yards to meet him. His father, brothers, sisters, cousins, and many small children all greeted me.

Then Sidi said “I will walk you home”. I learned later that they have a custom in their country. When someone has walked to your house and you enjoyed their visit, you should offer to walk them back to their home. It was a huge honor for me.

On the way he told me, “In our country we have a saying, if someone leaves their country to come and live in your country, they are a better person than you.” I’m not sure how, but I know God is going to use that saying to help us sow gospel seed with Sidi and his family.

Since that day we have visited multiple times. Lack of a shared language is a barrier with some of his family so communication has not been easy but I am working at it and so are they. Our relationship is growing and just the other day, “Mariam,” one of his relatives, asked to come to our house soon. We said, “Of course”, and we expect her to show up any time.

We are excited for the opportunity God has given us to share our lives with these beautiful people and anxious for our language to increase so that we can better share not only our lives but the gospel message with them.

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