Merry Christmas from Africa! 

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior here (while sweating!), I am especially thankful to consider how God came to make a way for us and now—as if that wasn’t marvelous enough—He includes us in the process of Kingdom expansion!

Many of you have been praying for “Stephanie.” A few days ago she sent me these messages from her house:
“I’m happy to hear things about Jesus”
“When I see you I see Jesus”
“I want to tell everyone about Jesus. He is the one that help me for everything”
“I love Jesus mama (me)”
“I love Him because He changed my life”
“I believe mama”
“I believe one day many people will know Him”

Wow….what an honor and privilege to see someone come to really know Him that wouldn’t otherwise hear. Continue to pray for us during this season and those we are working with. We love you all and praying rich blessings on you this next year!

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