Our Christmas Party on Friday was a great celebration. The English center was packed with students and friends who enjoyed the taste of Christmas cookies while drinking the bissap wassail tea and hot chocolate. Then we read the full Christmas story from the Injil (the Gospels), sang Christmas carols in their heart language and watched a Christmas movie.

The students surprised us at the end by giving our team gifts of clothes and chocolate. Most impacting were their words as they gave us the gifts, “Thank you for sharing your time and your lives with us.” Those words were a gift of hope and joy.

We praise God for bringing each student into our lives. In the new year, we pray our friendships with them will lead to them to have a personal friendship with God. As Christ is the gate to salvation, may the Fishing Boat team be the gateway to Christ. Thank you for your prayer for our party and your continuing partnership in prayer throughout the year.christmas-party-food_fishing-boat

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