In the little shop where I spend time daily, I proclaim Jesus. I proclaim that Jesus is good, that Jesus is the Father’s one, only, and best plan for us. I treasure Jesus before my friend who runs the shop and before the whole community. In words I lift Jesus up. I share his daily interaction in my life. I share the wonderful stories found in God’s word. I pray in the powerful name of Jesus.

And His name is being glorified here. It’s being glorified as my shopkeeper friend shakes her head with a smile and says, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there is something so beautiful about him, about what he’s done.” He is being glorified when another friend says, “Tell us more of those stories. Truly there is something so different about you than us.” It is being honored with the curious questions of our students, “And what exactly would I have to do if I wanted to become a Christian?”

I long for my friend to be part of our sisterhood, both her and all the ladies I live among. I long for them to treasure Jesus, more than money, more than reputation, more than safety and more than life itself. I long for the name of Jesus to be highly honored all over these little islands.

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