I’m going to the wedding of the sister of “Xavier,” a close friend and student. He invited me months ago, urged me to write down the date and begged me to not forget. It will mean a lot to him and his family that I go. Weddings are always exciting. Lots of people will attend. There will be plenty of opportunities to share our faith and lift up the name of Jesus!

One of my favorite conversation openers is to wearing the local attire, called a “kanzu.” Most Muslim men are completely shocked when they see a white person wearing one. The next thing out of their mouths is, “Wow you look so nice—are you a Muslim?” That leads to an opportunity to respond, “No, I’m not, but I thank God that He has shown me the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I joyfully follow Jesus!” This simple approach often leads to great conversations and a chance to plant seeds.

Please pray that God wlll use me as a witness, to open their eyes and illuminate their minds to the truth of why Jesus is so worthy to be followed. We keep believing that this could be the day that our friends finally come to know Jesus for who He is and give Him the glory that He so deserves. Swahili Coast

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