“Norah” was on break from her Islamic studies where she’s preparing to be an Islamic teacher. It was great to see her again and catch up. She had sent Islamic books home with family members to pass on to me and was excited I’d received them.

As she returned to her studies today, I sent her off with a copy of the New Testament, plus a video in her heart language about Muslims who’ve dreamed of Jesus and ultimately come to a relationship with Christ. I also gave her a book by a journalist who once denied Jesus but through his research became convinced of the truth of Christ and decided to follow Jesus.

She was happy to receive them and promised to read them. I promised I’ll have more books for her when my package arrives.

Each of us wants the other to come to know the truth. I’m grateful that the Truth which will prevail is Christ.

Be praying that as Norah reads the words of life and hears the testimonies of many others, that the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth of Christ. It is only by Him that we are effective. It is His harvest and His purpose will come to pass. Swahili Coast

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