I learned an interesting cultural perspective recently. While I was buying food in town, a man approached me to tell me it was good that I covered my head with a scarf. To emphasize his point, he took two pieces of wrapped candy. He unwrapped only one, then put them both on the ground. He asked, “If you found these, which would you prefer to eat?” I answered, “The one in the wrapper because it is clean.” He continued, “It is the same with women. When they cover themselves, they stay clean and pure.”

Setting aside the somewhat comical aspect of this illustration, this was an interesting perspective on modesty and validates the effort we put toward respecting this culture. After this introduction, our discussion continued with his friend “Harrison” who admitted he’s had many questions about Jesus and faith. He has studied !slam his entire life and still seems to be looking for answers.

Please help us continue to pray that we’ll have more divine appointments like this. We know God is working among these people and that prayer moves mountains! Swahili Coast

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