Swahili Coast: “Stephanie’s” family invited me to a wedding last night. It started at 8 pm, but the bride and groom didn’t arrive until after 10 pm. In the meantime, all of the guests (all women) sat on the ground and listened to the group of young men from the local mosque sing and play drums. This music started slow and quiet but grew into a wild rhythm as the night progressed. As the music grew, more and more women got up to dance. Like the music, their dancing grew in fervor as the night went on.

Eventually Stephanie leaned over to say, “That girl has a Satan.” She pointed to a girl I could barely see through the crowd. I asked her how she knew. She answered it was because of how she moved. Peering through the crowd, I noticed her head and limbs flailing about. After a few minutes, most people were watching her and laughing. Her family retrieved her and led her to sit down just behind us. They had to physically force her to sit, because she was still waving her arms and trying to dance with her eyes half closed. After they forced her to sit, she seemed to pass out, but still occasionally flailed her arms trying to dance.

Shortly after, another girl started manifesting, but much more forcefully and violently. She knocked several people over and it took many women to restrain her. All the commotion caused the guests to laugh at this girl in amusement. I mentioned to Stephanie that there were many who had “problems.” She said, “Yes, I think they like this music.”

I left this event incredibly grateful for the peace in Christ and the freedom from Satan which I enjoy, but even more burdened for the lost around us. Please keep praying for us. We know the battle is growing and we want to be led in each situation. Also keep praying that Stephanie will continue to see things clearly as she grows in her knowledge of Jesus.

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