The past 3 weeks we’ve been blessed with a visit by my wife’s parents. It’s always exciting to see someone process what is a new context to them but so familiar to us. It was a joy to share our lives and our work here in the Swahili Coast with our family.

Before they returned home, we sat with them and our team leader to discuss “what’s next.” We asked our parents to champion the work being done on this side of the world, with their close friends at home in hopes that some of them may hear the call to join. The most influential voices are those who have seen this work and have returned to share those experiences. Our team leader finished the conversation with an invitation to our parents, “you or someone like you.”

That phrase has echoed in my prayers for several days. I’m praying that God would call “them or people like them” to join—for a year or two or even a few months. A key ingredient to our team dynamic is diversity. We are wanting a variety of ages, professions, nationalities, life-experiences and backgrounds to come together in reaching the lost.

Please join me in lifting up to our Father the challenge for people to come work alongside us, learn our mission, experience the need, return home changed and invite others to do the same. We love you all and are so thankful for your prayers. Swahili Coast

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