“Gabe” told us, “My father is a religious man. When people are sick he says a dua (prayer) or reads the Quran over charms and gives them the charms. He also hears from Satan.

One night Satan told him a curse was put on my family. Afterwards I got very sick and could not eat. My father cried to God, ‘Why are these bad things happening to my family?!’ Then he went to Oman and brought back a special ring to protect me from evil. Sometimes I still get sick and even right now I am dizzy, but not as much as before.”

Other students also shared stories of illness. This gave me a chance to share with these students during discussion time at our Swahili Coast English school, about how Jesus healed me of scoliosis.

Please remember the people of the Swahili coast in your prayers. They are lost and have put their hope in the wrong places. Pray that they will find the hope we have in Jesus Christ for life and healing.

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