Swahili Coast: “Destiny,” my closest local friend, and her husband “Harry” are devout Muslims who seek to please Allah and follow all the laws of their faith. They are in their mid/late 30’s and have no children. Harry has a mental illness that keeps Destiny busy taking care of him and running their business. I recently returned and was able to reconnect with her. Last week I asked her if she had been reading the NT I gave her before I had left. She said “Yes, I read some but my husband did not like me to read it so he made me get rid of it”.

Destiny has showed some openness to the truth in the past but because of their devotion to their faith and her husband’s thoughts on Christianity, there has been resistance to the Gospel. It will take a miracle for them to know Jesus as the Way.

Recently, when we asked Destiny how we could pray for her, she said “For a child! I want a child!” She has expressed to me many times her desire to be a mother. We told her we would be praying for her every day that Jesus would bless her with a child. Would you pray in Jesus’ name that the Lord would grant her a child so that she would know there is power in the name of Jesus and that He hears and cares for her? Also, pray for complete healing for Harry that he will come to know that Jesus is the Lord who heals and delivers?

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