Swahili Coast: “Stephanie” and I read the Easter story then watched the Passion of the Christ. She had tears in her eyes as she watched what He went through for us. When it only briefly showed His resurrection, she said, “That’s it? What about when He appeared to His followers?” She is hungry for more!

After discussing that only Jesus has the power to change someone, she shared a prayer request. (Of course, she didn’t call it that.) She really wants her “best friend” to know Jesus and to be changed. She used to party with “Gary,” and do other “bad things.” Now that she’s changed, she wants him to know the same freedom. We discussed how she changed in the beginning. It wasn’t because I made her do anything. In fact, all I did was to pray for her—everyday. We agreed to do just that for Gary.

Thank you sincerely for praying for Stephanie. I have no idea how many people are lifting her up, but I see the fruit of prayer all the time! Now will you pray for Gary as often as you think of him?

What a wonderful testimony to Stephanie of the power of prayer as we ask, seek and knock! We’re believing the soil of Gary’s heart will become tender and he will also join our family soon!

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