I asked “Marcos” (a Muslim), “So what do your brothers think about you studying the Bible? Have you told them?” He told me he has talked with them about Jesus. I encouraged him to retell the stories we discuss together. He agreed and offered to even bring one or more of his brothers in the future when we meet. That’s a good sign.

Secrecy often brings with it a feeling of fear in seekers and new believers. To combat that, I encourage Marcos to retell the stories, to share his journey with a few trusted others.

We also meet in semi-public areas. We don’t meet in my home or his, but we find local cafes or parks that are quiet. They afford us a little privacy, but not an atmosphere of secrecy. When the Holy Spirit prompts him, he must be ready to tell others about his heart change. That’s a big step because it can literally mean life or death for him.

Marcos has a circle of influence. Please pray that as his life with Jesus emerges, he will effectively reach those around him.

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