Swahili Coast : As Stephanie continues to study the Good News with us, one of the obstacles is her friends turning on her, leaving her feeling lonely. She identifies with the parable of the narrow road.

She prayed during an exam and received ideas that she attributes to coming from God. That day, walking home from school, she was praying——it’s unusual for a Muslim to say they were praying casually outside of the scheduled times. She was crying and telling Him how much stress she feels from her friends. While she walked, one friend came with a good report from another friend who had been treating her badly. Later, two others approached and asked forgiveness for treating her wrong.

You should have seen her. She was so excited, she was practically beaming. I told her she had to do something important that night. Since God heard and answered her, she had to find time to say “Thank you” to Him. She did and her friends walked in on her. When they asked what she was doing, she explained she was thanking God because He is good and was kind to her!

Even amid obstacles, His name is being praised among the unreached and glory is being given to His name! Praise God!

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