Swahili Coast: Our mutual friend, “Tony” doesn’t know Christ yet. We’ve built a relationship with him and Tony shows interest when we discuss Jesus. Whenever we eat, we include Tony when we pray for the food. Recently we invited Tony to pray. It struck deep in my heart to hear him say he had never prayed before. Prayer has had such an impact on my life. I can’t image trying to live each day without speaking to God and relying on His provision through the weight and pressure of daily life.

Tony is my friend. I see him every day and I love him. I can’t express how it feels to hear that he has never prayed, never called upon the name of Jesus. It’s not okay. It won’t be tolerated. Change is coming!

Join with me in believing that my friend, who has never prayed, will come to a place where he cries to the Father to see his every burden lifted. Pray right now that the Holy Spirit will stir in his heart and help him to call on Jesus’ name.

Tony said he has “never” prayed. By faith I heard “not yet.” #livedeadafrica #livedeadpray

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