Last week a very old little grandma in our village went into eternity. I had walked past her many times as she sat in the dust tending her goats on the side of the street. I always made it a point to greet her and ask about her family and how she was feeling. I always took time for her, and I could tell by how her eyes wrinkled when she smiled that she appreciated the care.  But, I never did make time to share the truth about Jesus with her. I deeply regret that.

With that dear grandma in mind, I went to my closet this morning and pulled out a small green book. It’s Luke and Acts, the story of Jesus and his disciples. I was determined to give it to one of my friends whom I see quite often. He and I ran some errands together, then I handed him the little green, potentially life-giving book.

I told him, “This is something very important to me. It’s the story of Jesus. There’s life, wisdom, and peace in this book.”

Seeing that it was in Arabic, he smiled broadly at me. Then he then grabbed me and gave me a big hug (which he’s never done before) and exclaimed, “We are friends!” He was close to breaking into tears.

Please pray that he reads it cover to cover and that we have many good conversations about what he finds there. Please pray he accepts the illuminated truth and acts on the faith Jesus gives him to leave Islam and follow Isa, Elmeseeh (Jesus, the Messiah).

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