As we live, work, share and love in the Swahili Coast, we are blessed to form friendships which are two-way streets. We proclaim the truth of Jesus as Lord and our friends present us with the message of Islam.  One friend, “Ali,” continually expresses his desire that I become Muslim. This is not done out of hatred or anger. As my friend, he has concern for my well-being both now and in eternity.

It’s a blessing to have Ali as my friend. Ali is not my enemy. My Muslim friend loves me just as I love him. He’s genuinely seeking God and sincerely desires to save me from the hell to which he believes I am headed. But he hopes to earn salvation by pleasing God following the only way he has been shown, the way of his father and his grandfather before him. In love, as his friend, I want to guide his fervor to please God and point him to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Lies and distortions have dominated his family for generations. I believe God can use that misguided zeal for His glory. I believe Jesus is already stirring in his heart through our many conversations. 2016 is the year of breakthrough for my friend, Ali.

Join me in praying in belief for Ali, please.

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