A whole new level of trust is essential here. My flesh would panic every time the power went out and the water stopped flowing. We were throwing away spoiled food, specifically our beloved and expensive chicken. I remember making it through the week exhausted yet also at peace for His provision.

After lunch recently, I turned my attention toward dinner because we were out of provisions. I felt very helpless not to be able to feed the kids what they needed and wanted. I vividly remember looking at my husband in desperation about what to do for dinner. The cell towers were down, so we felt even more on a deserted island.

About 4:00 p.m. our landlady knocked. She invited us to her house for a Coffee Ceremony. She was adamant that we come and that our other friends were coming. With the phones being down, we could not confirm what was going on but we followed her.

Upon entering her home, we sat down and drank sodas while watching the New Year celebration on TV. Our host kept going back into the kitchen, leaving us to ourselves for long periods of time. We began to relax and enjoy being in her home. Suddenly, she brought in a huge platters of food and then lifted a cloth off the table to reveal many other platters of foods. It was a feast! Before our eyes lay dishes of rice, local foods, bread, and huge portions of chicken breast. As we ate our fill, she reached to put more on our plates! We politely accepted more!

Our kids slowly came out of their shell and were dancing to the New Years show on TV when a huge cake emerged from the kitchen along with popcorn and candies. As the night came to an end, our landlady escorted us home. Reflecting on the day, we were blessed beyond measure. It was such an honor to celebrate in her home. We were fed to the brim with all our favorite comfort foods. Love and hospitality filled the air.

“Give us neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.” Proverbs 30:8

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