Swahili Coast: I was with a couple other team members at an ATM the other day when we had a little altercation with an unstable man who was probably high on drugs. Our island has a big problem with drugs. The man had been following us through some winding streets, asking us to buy his trinkets and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He thought it was our Christian duty to buy his stuff and help him out.

He crossed the line when he started poking one of our ladies in the arm. The other local shopkeepers came to our defense. One of them even accompanied us—and the crazy guy who was still following us—all the way to our vehicle and waited ’til we drove away.

My husband, who was not with us then, has had several tell him how sorry they are for the trouble we had. They say that they are looking out for us. It is so touching that I wanted to share it with you. Did these shopkeepers intervene because of your prayers? Are they watching us to see Jesus? Could it be that they are being drawn to the light? Could they be potential POPS (people of peace)? YES to all the above!!

This is a praise report and a prayer request. A few of us are going to take some Injilis (New Testaments) and sweets to town and give them out to these guys. Christmas is a great time to witness! It is still a holiday on the local calendar. I think it needs some explaining—Joy to the World!

Please pray for open hearts.

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