I went to Stephanie’s house again. We talked, laughed, read the Bible together and discussed Jesus. She’s been talking about the Bible with other students at our school who are being witnessed to by my husband. How exciting!

She was interested in Jesus’ miracles. We asked if she believed that those miracles could happen. She immediately replied, “Yes! I remember a visitor from America. Her son was very sick and God healed him.” Our former team mate had shared that story and it’s still on Stephanie’s mind.

When she asked about Jesus’ death, we were able to explain why sin leaves us with a “debt” to pay to God. But our debt has been paid because of His perfect sacrifice. As we talked about how our good works can’t outweigh our bad, she was reminded of friends who had done wrong to her. Because of that, she is no longer speaking to them. During our conversation, she told us that she needs to go to them and forgive them. It was amazing to see the Spirit convicting her.

Please continue to pray these seeds that have been planted in her life will be nurtured and bear much fruit. #livedeadafrica

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