“Stephanie” was very quiet last night and didn’t look well. I asked if she was okay.

She responded, “I can’t explain it. Sometimes I feel very bad but it’s not like a headache. I’m so tired and want to do bad things. Sometimes I have bad dreams. My family takes me to the witchdoctor (who is my grandmother) but her cure only helps for about 2 months. I think satan is causing my problems.”

Hearing this excited me. That morning I was praying from Romans 2. Like Paul, I want to win the lost, not by cleverness of speech or by wisdom of words, but by a demonstration of the Spirit’s power. Stephanie’s need is an opportunity for a demonstration of God’s power!

I shared with Stephanie how the book (New Testament) that I gave her last week contained the Words of Life and true freedom. I explained how she and her whole family can be free. She expressed a desire to be free along with her brother and sister. Finally she said, “Yes, I believe that. I believe that Jesus can make me free.”

She’s been reading the New Testament and intends to continue. This weekend when she visits, she promised, “We will discuss that book so that I (Stephanie) can learn many things.”

Please intercede:
– because she’s fighting a spiritual battle and it won’t be easy to find freedom.
– that I will boldly follow the Spirit as we discuss scripture and that I will be led to the right passages.

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