The pastor held his hand to shade his eyes as the door to the metal container opened. Sunlight poured in, blinding him from seeing those standing over him. A government official spoke. “If you promise you will never speak about Jesus again, we will release you. Wouldn’t you like to see your family again?”

The pastor lowered his head then looked at his surroundings. This metal container had been his prison cell for 6 months—no sunlight, no bathroom facilities, no ventilation. Of course, he’d like to see his family. But never speak about Jesus?

“No, I am sorry. Jesus has never denied me before His Father in heaven. I cannot deny Him before men on earth,” he replied.

“Then you will go back! And this time you will stay!”

Unregistered religious leaders (mostly Protestant) in Eritrea are put into prison and sometimes tortured to recant their faith. #Pray4OpenDoors so believers held captive will be able to boldly proclaim Jesus to their captors. Pray also for their families who continue life without them near.

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