Swahili Coast: A team member and I went to play the world’s sport (soccer of course) with a student from our school. After playing, “Tupo” mentioned how we all need to do more good things because then Allah will forgive the bad things we have done.

Through a story I shared with Tupo, I told him how I could never do enough good to make up for the bad. He agreed. Then I asked how something good can erase something bad. He said it is impossible.

He then said that I was a good person. I used this opportunity to share the Word about how none of us are good, not even one. I told him that if he sees good in me, it is really Jesus working in my life.

Before parting ways, I asked Tupo if he has done enough good to go to Paradise (Heaven). At first he said yes, but when I asked him if he was sure, he said to know is impossible. Two different times Tupo said something was impossible: to earn Heaven with good behavior and to know your eternal fate.

This was my first serious conversation with Tupo and I pray for greater ones to come. Please join me in believing that he will continue to ask questions and grow in his understanding. I pray that his realization of the impossibility of earning Heaven will cause him to think more about what he believes. Muslims are taught not to think deeply about their beliefs.

Believe with me that every conversation will have purpose and eternal significance for my friend, Tupo.

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