My neighbor, “Martha” lives with her mother and several children. Each morning, she sits on the floor of her stifling hot “kitchen” cooking a kind of bread over a small fire. She sells it at a nearby store to help support the family. I’ve sat and cooked with her on several occasions.

This morning, I sat with her again as she worked over this hot fire. She cooks this bread everyday, 7 days a week. It’s tiring and takes hours each day. She laughed as she said she doesn’t even like to eat this bread herself!

As she told me how exhausted she is, I was able to share how Jesus said He was the bread of life. We can eat and become hungry again but only He can satisfy us! This was the first time I could proclaim to her that Jesus is God and how much I love him. My friend doesn’t speak English so I’m sure I sounded like a caveman gesturing and using basic words to communicate big ideas.

Would you pray that Martha would understand me and desire to know more about the Bread of Life? Pray also for me and others like me who are struggling to learn a new language. We know the power of your prayers and value your partnership!

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