The man looked at me and shrugged. I smiled and shrugged back. He dipped his ladle into the fuul and made a gesture that I interpreted as, “Where’s your bowl?”

“Bowl?” I muttered to myself, “I needed to bring my own bowl?!”

Another man stepped up and smiled. He had just finished his fuul and was willing to share his bowl. I paused for a moment wondering what to do. Before I could decide the man with the ladle poured the fuul into the bowl and handed it to me.

Bilhana washayfah! (Bon apetít!)

Sudanese fuul is a tasty dish of spicy beans cooked with tomatoes, onions, cumin sprinkled with feta cheese served with fresh arugula and flatbread.

#Pray4OpenDoors in Sudan and that those who hunger would be filled with the knowledge of the Lord.

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