I just met a woman who is a believer! She’s from a neighboring country and is here in the Swahili Coast to find work with her friend who owns a shop in town. I asked how she likes our area since she moved here two months ago. She said it’s very difficult to live here. There is pressure from many Muslims toward believers.

Her friend, “Irene,” moved here to open her shop but found it very difficult as a foreigner to get the permits needed to run a business. Eventually Irene married a Muslim man. Sadly, he required that she deny Jesus. Irene did deny Him and now is struggling with feelings of guilt and shame. I asked my new friend to encourage Irene with the forgiveness Jesus offers and tell her that other believers are standing with her.

I will be praying for a miracle that Irene and her Muslim husband would both live for Jesus wholeheartedly. I told her other believers would be praying for Irene too. Will you take a few minutes now to pray for Irene, her husband and my new friend as she encourages Irene to not give up?

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