Remember our friend, “Grace”? For a few months she has been asking more questions and even had dreams about Jesus. We’ve shared scripture with her and studied the Bible together but she has a problem.

She has a son in another country and wants him here with her. This last week has been very stressful and she almost left this country in search of a better job. The enemy doesn’t want her to stay here! All her thoughts were irrational. She feels a deep need to get away. In an answer to prayer, at the last moment after we had given up hope she would stay, God intervened by clearly speaking to her to stay here!

But she still needs to be with her son.

Would you pray with us that a miracle would take place to get her son here with her? God knows the perfect solution to this problem. Pray that this would be a testimony of the love of God in her life and that she would decide to follow Jesus.

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