Picture a major Texas highway, a van out of gas, with three women and a baby stranded roadside in the summer heat. I decided to run up the median to the nearest gas station, buy a gas can, fill it up, and return quickly.

It was much further than it appeared. I arrived dirty, breathless and praying, “Lord, please send someone to give me a lift back,” hoping that someone would be a woman. As I filled the gas can in my frazzled state, prepared to lug it back alone, a young gentlemen quietly, but uncomfortably, led me to his car to give me a ride. Although I was getting in the car with a complete stranger, it was comforting that he was an employee of the gas station.

I noticed his accent. Ha! I asked for his name; he said Muhammed. I asked if he was Muslim; he said yes. I greeted him in Arabic, thanked him for the lift and said “God bless you.”

It wasn’t enough. He dropped me off and left. I filled the car and we left. But I plan to return to the gas station with my husband to properly thank him, hoping to sow a gospel seed and continue what was started.

Please cover this God-given opportunity in prayer. I prayed for a ride and God sent a Muslim man to help! Let’s thank God for the opportunity and pray for the Gospel to take root in Muhammed’s life!

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