Sudanese authorities arrested a local pastor last Wednesday. Sometime before he arrived at the police station, he was struck with the butt of a rifle. This left him bleeding from his ear and mouth. Handcuffed and bloody, officers led him through the market, forcing him to walk about 1 km to the police station in humiliation. He was told this was so he could be an “example” to other pastors. Because of intense pain, later that day a doctor examined him and confirmed that his ear drum was torn from the blow to the head. Thanks to the work of about 15 lawyers that afternoon, he was released from jail at 5:00 PM.

Originally, the police came to seize the church office. However, in their official paperwork, the legal description of the property was for a property across the street, not the pastor’s office. However, the police persisted, exuding the attitude that the paper is not important, but they must do what they were told to do. Through the course of that day the church’s fence and pastor’s office were demolished. The church’s lawyer’s efforts to stop the demolition and seizure of church property, though legally legitimate, were rebuffed and ignored by police.

The few remaining churches and Christians in Sudan face significant persecution. As the Lord lays words on your heart, please pray for this pastor, his church, and the Sudanese Body of Christ. Also please pray for the persecutors that they would hear and accept the truth of Jesus and leave Islam.

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