Just last week “Sarah” told us she was going to try to flee to Europe. Why? Her father is a jobless and cruel man who chews an addictive drug called khat. Sarah, a delightful young lady, and her sister are the only income earners in the family. They do not make much money, and some of what little they make is confiscated by their father to support his habit.

Trying to gain entry into Europe is an arduous journey (much of it on foot) across mountains and deserts without much money, food, or water and is fraught with the risk of kidnapping and rape. Those fortunate enough to get to the Mediterranean Sea need money to pay for an illegal crossing on makeshift vessels. Surprisingly, some make it but there they often live in wretched conditions without jobs.

Sarah is crying out for spiritual wholeness. Please pray that we will have the wisdom to know what to say and how to help the many people here who are living lives of quiet desperation.

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