Ramadan has begun!! There will be 30 days of fasting food, water, sin, etc. Ramadan brings a lot of changes.

Practically it means all the good restaurants are closed because almost everybody is fasting all day. At night it means the parade of teens go through the village at 2:30 am clanging pots and pans so people can wake up and eat a meal before sunrise. For us this means we don’t sleep super well.

Perhaps the biggest change is in the spiritual realm. Islanders are eager to gain as many good religious points as they can during the month. They spend more time reading their special book, praying, doing good and of course not doing bad…all so they can gain points and improve their lot before God.

All this religious fervor can lead to more beneficial conversations for us with locals, but it can also lead to getting harassed because we aren’t fasting. As much as we try to use it as a bridge to explain our faith, many people aren’t interested. They just mock us for being weak, misguided or downright sinful. As islanders seek to please God through their own actions, please pray they instead come to know God in Truth.

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