Camel Milk: This week God gave me a vision as we prayed and fasted for our language teacher against the chains of Islam. She was bound in chains from her shoulders down. She was not moving and her eyes were glazed over, lifeless.

Suddenly, it was like she woke up. She began struggling against her bonds, just a little at first, then more frantically, more desperately. Suddenly there was a snap, her chains broke and she RAN with everything she had to Jesus who embraced her with open arms. The expression on her face made me weep. It was a mix of joy, contentment, safety and belonging, like she finally felt the love of her Father and experienced peace for the first time. I saw her eyes closed with a sweet smile singing her own song of worship to her Jesus.

Our team has really been able to pour into the life of this teacher lately. She’s been asking more questions and has had her own dreams about Jesus. Please join us in prayer for our sweet teacher. Pray this vision becomes a reality and that she will run wholeheartedly to Jesus. Pray she will experience his love for her in a life changing way. #livedeadafrica #livedeadpray

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