“Demas” is a new believer I baptized and had worked with for 2 years. He was a close part of our team, almost part of our family.

Unfortunately, he chose to walk away from us recently for reasons unknown—other than that he was scared and wanted to do things his way. He didn’t want to be under authority or submit to anyone.

He and a friend were arrested Sunday when they attended a local gathering. I had strongly warned them not to go but they made their own decision. They are currently in jail. Demas is being quoted publicly saying that he is a born-again Christian and wanting government protection. This could affect us.

Let’s pray that God will give Demas and his friend peace and protection in that jail cell and a quick release from it. May the Lord visit them and give them confidence. #livedeadPray that this situation will be a spiritual wake-up call for Demas. It’s okay to share this. #livedeadafrica

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