I was by the market waiting for my friends. It was really sunny and “Kyle” invited me to stand in the shade. I thanked him and moved under a tree. He came over to ask where I was from and where I was working. I told him about our English centers.

His clothes and polite mannerisms made me think he could be a believer but I knew he was from a largely Muslim area. So I asked if he was a Muslim. He said, “Yes, of course. My grandparents and parents are Muslim so I am Muslim.” I mentioned that he was dressed like Christians. He laughed because he’s been told that before. He’s spent a lot of time hanging out with Christians and has even been in a church.

“I am Muslim but I like Christians and I love Jesus too! Look!” he said, pointing to his wrist band that said, “I love Jesus!”

I said, “Really?! Why is that?”

“You know, he said, “some Muslims think Christians are all bad but, like you, I know that only God can take away sin.”

I said I was surprised to hear that because Muslims say you cannot get rid of your sin—it stays with you until you die, then God judges you. He said, “Yes, many think that. But I have spent a lot of time with the Christians so I know this. I do not know, maybe one day I will change and become a Christian.”

I said the important thing is to seek God wholeheartedly and be open to truth even if it’s something we don’t like and our family doesn’t agree with. I said it’s important we decide for ourselves. God does not want to hide truth from us but promises to show it to us if we really seek Him. He agreed.

We were in a very public place so at that point I called my friends over to introduce him to another male believer. We learned my new friend will be at a big event we also plan to attend so we hope to see him. When we took his phone number he said, “It is good to be with friends like you because I can talk more. If I want to be a Christian, you can help me. I know you only live and die once.”

Please pray for Kyle! Pray that God fully reveals the truth about Jesus Christ and that he will be willing to accept Jesus regardless of the cost. Pray he will develop a deeper understanding of following Christ and being a “Christian.” Pray as our team builds this relationship and discovers where he is on his spiritual journey.

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