“I will go with you,” said the Nubian friend.

“You would go with me?” the team member asked.

“Yes, I want to see Sudan and the other Nubian people. You will also need help with Arabic.”

“You are right about that!” he laughed.

On the border of Sudan in a neighboring country, Nubian tribes dot the landscape along the Nile river. For centuries the Nubians have traveled back and forth establishing commerce routes between one another. The team member had told his friend that other tribes existed in Sudan. Tribes that this friend had never heard of before. He was intrigued and offered that they should go right away.

When the worker explained that the government would not allow him to enter, the friend said, “When you can go, I will go with you.”

Team members (and some of their Nubian friends, too!) are ready and waiting to enter Sudan as soon as it’s possible. #Pray4OpenDoors that Sudan would once again provide access.

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