Team Leader:

Our team met for prayer and from my seat on the couch I could look out over a portion of our Forgotten Island village. Everything was completely quiet and still. The leaves on the coconut tree were motionless. The sea was like glass. The neighbors were unusually quiet. Even the animals (goats, cats, chickens, lizards) were not making a sound.

Yet, from my couch I was joining in with the voices of my teammates and asking for the Lord to act—to speak with whisper or with a yell—to shake people here from their slumber—to help people see the truth—asking that the spiritual realm not be so motionless as the physical realm. This island has been in bondage for centuries but we believe that in the spiritual realm the battle is intense as more truth is shared, as more prayers are offered, as more people give their lives to Him.

Much more is going on here then what we see. Join us in prayer that this place will be upset by the power of the Spirit. Pray thousands will be added to the church as on the Day of Pentecost.

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