Swahili Coast:  I was talking with local young women yesterday who were answering the question, “What animal would you most like to be and why?” One girl’s answer caught my attention. She said she would like to be a camel so she could haul things and take the men to war to kill the Christians.

I was shocked because I’ve chatted with her on several occasions. I repeated her statement, motioning to myself to make sure I understood correctly. She noticed my reaction, then changed her answer. She just wanted to be a camel so she could help people by hauling things for them.

Just as shocking was that none of the others reacted to her initial statement. Many in the Islamic faith have heard statements like this since they were young. They don’t question it. It’s not shocking and even seems normal.

Pray with me that this young woman will question why she is taught things like this. Pray the Holy Spirit will open her heart to the love and peace that only comes through Jesus. We are believing that many will be discontented with these teachings while we ask, seek, and knock for the Holy Spirit to draw many to Him.

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