Team member: Leaving to serve in this East African Island country, it was necessary to check our Western mind-set at the gate, before we even boarded the first plane. . . Recently we went to the visa office to help an intern obtain permission to exit the country. I found myself marveling at just how long the “simple” process was taking! I could have become quite irritated, except for the wonderful opportunities we had:

  • to speak God’s Word and lovingly lay hands on a lame woman;
  • to re-connect with a young man we had met in the prison;
  • to shake hands and exchange greetings with our friend the police commissioner (who had us removed from our home and forced out of our previous village!);
  • and to begin friendly relationships with two officials in the visa office.

Yes, the exit visa process took a little more than 2 hours. By God’s grace we died to our Western mindset and avoided an ulcer. (smile) Thank you, Lord, for keeping us humble and sensitive to Your Spirit’s leading.

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