A team leader reports:
A short time ago, the national security officials confiscated all the equipment and archived recordings of a company which produces discipleship materials in the languages of several unreached people groups. The owner and staff were all threatened that if they resisted or even publicized this happening that the officials would “make their days bad.” “Keep it quiet, or else!” they said.

This day was expected but it’s still very discouraging. The owner told one of our team members, “As i said befor, we are fully prepared to deal with all the consequences of our decision… They toked our 15 years of work, archive and every thing…they really break my heart…”

Please pray for:

(1) boldness, a Spirit-empowered faith and encouragement in the hearts of the owner and staff;
(2) the Holy Spirit to guard their minds against feelings of paranoia, fear and despair as they are watched and threatened by the officials;
(3) their property to be returned and the work to continue;
(4) their persecutors would acknowledge the Truth they’ve heard and turn to Jesus.

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