A team member spoke with “Q”:
“Q” is settling into his new home in Central Europe with the Lord’s help. The government granted him refugee status, is helping him learn the local language and get settled. He’s making friends and learning to live in the new culture. He misses family in Desert Sands but is thankful for the Lord’s blessings on him, his wife and young daughter.

Q said, “When we get homesick, we remember the Lord’s in control. He brought us here for a reason; in time we’ll understand that better. But for today, we will praise Him!”

“I have a new appreciation for what missionaries go through” he added, “I never knew what a sacrifice it was to leave home and family and come to my country. Now I have a better understanding of how much they’ve given for us and how deep their love is for the Lord and for us.”

His only prayer request is to find an international church with worship in English until they are fluent in the language of their new country. He sends their deepest appreciation for all the prayers and solidarity they feel from their spiritual family around the world.

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