A team leader writes:
The many students and patients at our center live in a lot of fear. The education center and clinic is providing good opportunities to build relationships with students and pray for some patients. But they don’t know from moment to moment if they might be deported or spend weeks in an overcrowded refugee camp. Sadly these refugees are treated less than humanely.

The deportations and detentions were intended to make this area more secure but we’ve had a few grenade attacks in recent months and security here is very unstable. Despite all the difficulty, our team is able to spend regular time with students and with some we’ve been able to deeply share the word of God.

Remember to pray for these friends, for the constant tension and worry they live under. They’re often separated from family, even parents from children many times. Pray especially during this time of Ramadan that Jesus will reveal himself to them as they fast from sun up to sun down each day. Ramadan gives us opportunities share their evening meals. Pray for even more relationships to develop during this time and for the relationships already established to grow deeper.

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