Team Leader:
I texted “The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life…” (Rom 6:23) to the girl who dreamed of a precious gift. Then I invited her to talk about that gift.

Finally, in a God-given opportunity, we talked about Ramadan, then her religion, then my belief. She listened openly. I read from Genesis 1-3. She listened with interest, relating with her faith to the creation of the world, creation of man, fall of man, and the significance of blood sacrifice. She had questions about Jesus, common questions for a Muslim.

But her face flushed, perhaps with confusion, during the story of Jesus and his work of redemption. The story seemed to make sense but she fought back, “We have different religion and faith.” She said I should keep mine and she would keep hers. I read John 3:16-18. She looked overwhelmed with confusion. There was a chance to explain we don’t worship three Gods; that we pray and fast.

This opportunity is rare. It’s an answer to the prayer of people who are passionately extending their hearts for His kingdom. Pray the Holy Spirit will continue to work in her heart, that the words will sink into her and especially for Jesus to continue His work of revelation to her. Pray we can be bold, obedient to the Holy Spirit when He speaks to us and for more openings to follow up.

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