A “brother” from the other side of the Island—he’s actually the only
“brother” over there—came over to my house to talk. I poured two
glasses of cold water, served two large pieces of chocolate cake and
we began to talk. Hospitality is important to islanders, cake is
important to me, it’s a good fit!

He said, “The situation is difficult here to be a follower of Jesus
but I am happy because I know God.”

Then he told me why he came to see me. The day before, Friday, he was
avoiding the Muslim prayer time at the mosque and was praying in his
house. After a time of prayer he fell asleep and dreamed of shelves
full of books, some of them Bibles. The Bibles were moving up and down
on the shelves but no one was touching them. The Bibles were different
from the rest.

He woke up with an increased burden for the his family and his
community. He sought me out that day because he wanted someone to pray
with him that more of his family and friends would come to have a
relationship with Jesus.

Would you also pray with him?

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