Five months ago a man asked a team member if he could read a local-language Bible—a rare request. He was loaned a copy and a spot was arranged where he could hide it quickly if needed. Even though he is not a Christian, he would likely be persecuted for even having the Bible.

A couple nights later he phoned urgently and arranged to return the Bible. “Never give this book to anyone else!” he stressed.

No one knew exactly what had happened… until last week when the rest of the story was heard.

On the second day that he had the Bible he went as usual to the mosque for evening prayers. While there he decided to read the Quran (the Muslim holy book) when he got back home. But when he got home, without even thinking he picked up the Bible and started to read it. Suddenly a wave of guilt swept over him, “What am I doing?! I told myself I would read the Quran but I’m reading this book instead.”

Just a little while later he was handing the Bible back as he said, “Be careful with this book. People who aren’t like me, who don’t understand Islam as well as I do, will be easily influenced by it.”

Pray that many here will read God’s Word and be eternally influenced by it.

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