A Team Leader:
“My tears will fall on her and she will be burned by them in hell.”

The Tall One, our friend in Moonscape, had heard only a few hours before that her beloved mother had died in a distant city. She arrived at our house, weeping and mourning. We mourned with her. Now she was explaining why she must stop crying and regain her composure.

Along with the rest of her culture, she believes if you cry for a dead person your tear drops burn them in hell and add to their suffering there. As a cruel twist they also believe if you don’t cry for the deceased, it means that you really didn’t love them. We explained we do not believe this is true, but rather that tears are an appropriate God-given response for our benefit.

Jesus said, ”Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.” Pray that the Tall One will be comforted. Pray that she will embrace the loving God who considers her tears precious.

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