A Swahili Coast team member:
Two weeks ago, Joey came to the school seeking prayer. He could hardly see out of either eye.

He was very quiet and covered his face with his hands. We can only imagine how scary this was for him, having grown up as a Muslim, the first time having people pray for him in the name of Jesus.

Before praying for him, we explained what we were doing and asked for permission to touch him as we prayed He agreed. After seeking God and praying in Jesus’ name, we asked if he could see any better. He said nothing had changed.

We explained that sometimes God’s timing is not our timing, but we believed that God was still going to heal him because He loves him. We encouraged him to persevere in his pursuit of healing from God. We committed to pray everyday until his miracle came.

Two weeks passed. Joey came by last night to tell us that he can see clearly now. Praise the Lord! He wants to come to church with us this Sunday.

God is a God of miracles! Please continue to pray for Joey. We are praying and believing that he will come to know Jesus as his Savior.

Thank you all for your prayers…God is doing great things, maybe not when we expect it, but his timing is perfect.

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